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Get Your Trade Show Video Produced For Free!

We have tons of experience producing trade show videos for many clients in many industry sectors and we want to offer you the opportunity to monetise videos for yourselves.

The concept is simple. You sell a one minute ‘stand tour’ video to 5 of your exhibitors and we then a make summary video of your trade show for free. For the premium service*, we can set up a YouTube channel for your Trade Show and post the video on your channel while your show is still ongoing.

1 minute ‘stand tour’ video £300 with next day delivery or £500 for premium* same day turnaround. We produce your 2 minute Trade Show highlight video for free. To be eligible for this deal we need to make a minimum of 5 stand tour videos.

*Premium service means your video and three of the five stand tour videos get posted the same day.

The advantage for you

We set up your own YouTube channel that can be used to market your show all year round.
When your subscribers increase this can also be used as a revenue stream via sponsorship.

More exposure for your sponsors.

Your show being seen as ‘cutting edge’ and embracing video.

We take care of everything, we will even give you the marketing material to pitch to your exhibitors.

The advantage to your exhibitors

Cost effective video production due to economy of scale

Inclusion on your YouTube channel for a wider reach

A video asset they can use for other marketing purposes (which also markets your show)

For early adopter premium clients, videos are uploaded on day one of the show to attract customers to visit the stand on day two.

The advantage to us

We can produce multiple videos so it keeps our costs down.

When exhibitors see the great job we have done they may use us for other video content.

Why use us? 

We have made many trade show videos for lots of different industry sectors so we have learnt what works and what does not.

We have board level management experience and can quickly get to grips with brand vales and key messaging in multiple industry sectors.

We always research the exhibitors prior to filming so we have a good overview of their business.

30 years of production experience including a BAFTA nomination.

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