We can provide advertising strategy, creative and production. Sprat can ensure you use the right channels and creative to maximise the impact of your message.

We are proud of our high production values and corporate messaging and we have experience in producing many different types of video content. We are always up to date with the latest equipment and production techniques to ensure the look and feel of our videos fit your brand.

We have produced videos for many events from trade show videos to large multi camera events. We make sure our event videos are on message and aligned to your brand values.

We love making music videos to keep the creative juices flowing. We treat them like other corporate  communication. They need to be true to the brand and convey a message to induce a thought, feeling or action.

We are fully licensed by the CAA for aerial work and are making a name for ourselves in aerial video and photography.

We work with photographers who specialise in many different styles, from fashion to technology.


We have experience in defining and implementing brand strategies for clients across multiple sectors. Our first step is reviewing and understanding the current brand vision, tone of voice and strategy. Only when we clearly understand the brand do we move forward to the audit phase and conduct a thorough analysis to help your brand gain a competitive advantage and maximise its potential.

We have formed a good relationship with one of the UK’s largest media agencies and can facilitate your media buy and strategy. This includes the many revenue split models that some broadcasters offer. Digital adverting is changing seemingly by the day. We are able to fit the right media spend to the right strategy.

Media buying


 Corporate training days

School video

Video production is all about collaboration.  Working with colleagues or classmates in the planning and execution, students will gain a deeper understanding of subject matter of the video. They will learn to work as a team to seek and create opportunities, rise to and overcome challenges, and begin to pre-empt, cope with and solve problems, all the while producing content in a fun, dynamic and engaging environment.

After 30 years of working in TV we understand the grammar and have fantastic contacts in the industry. We have worked on many TV shows and believe there are great opportunities in sponsored TV content.