Join the collective

The Sprat Collective enables you to be part of our growing team of creatives, freelancers and affiliates.
Free to register and easy to use, it offers you the ability to share ideas, brainstorm on pitches, find job postings, monetise client referrals and much more.

We are always on the look out for talented people to work with us.  It’s not just about years of experience,  it’s about attitude and the ability to come up with creative and innovative ideas.  Does this describe you? If so, we would like to invite you to apply to join The The Sprat Collective. It’s our community of freelancers, creatives and advocates with varying degrees of experience.

Dop’s videographers, directors, voice over artists, models, actors, runners, vfx artists and marketeers are just some of roles we are looking for.

The Sprat Creative Collective

The Creative Collective is an invite only group of creative people who we collaborate with on creative pitches and projects. You don’t even need to work in the media industry to be involved. You just need to love coming up with ideas.

The inspiration for the creative collective came from watching people play Sudoku on the tube. People love playing games and solving puzzles so why not sit on the tube coming up with great TV commercials, music videos or viral ideas and If they get used, you get paid for it.

There are many other ways to participate in the Sprat Collective

Perhaps you are a director that has been offered a job that is out of your comfort zone and you need a company to produce it while you concentrate on directing?

You may be a makeup artist, actor or model that knows someone who is looking for our production or advocacy services and you can recommend us?

Perhaps you are a student who wants some work experience on a shoot?

Or you may just want to read interesting articles, watch great videos or share ideas with other members.

If you are a freelance director, producer, cameraperson, designer, editor, make up artist or animator we invite you to be part of The Collective and work with us on a job by job basis.

If you are a director and have been offered a job that is out of your comfort zone we can facilitate it as your production company while you remain the director. Just let us know via the app.