Avid – Rick Smith from Underworld

The brief

Avid wanted to talk to Rick Smith about how he used Pro Tools for the Olympic Opening Ceremony and the film Trance.

The idea

Rick was a dream to work with and we all really enjoyed the interview. As we talked a lot about the early days of Underworld which also had a very distinctive visual style with design company Tomato we decided to pay homage to that and steer away from a ‘safe’ corporate video style.

We used lo res flip cameras shooting from odd angles as well as using footage from early underworld videos as cut aways. The flip cameras were graded to ’tear’ as much as possible to integrate the interview into the archive footage. We also went on location to the Olympic Park and Abbey Road with the flip cameras and mimicked the type of filming on the Underworld DVD. The shot meshed in really well to the rest of the video and everyone was pleased with the result.

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