Creative Agency

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do, it’s the fuel that drives us


Our work is based on two key principles 

1 Creativity is a function of constraint

We thrive on constraint and believe it’s where our best work comes from. Tight budgets or complicated messaging should never get in the way of a killer creative. Bring it on!

2 Commercialising Creativity

We always put your messaging and ROI first and we don’t make
generic ‘pretty pictures’.
You only have to look at the success of youtube to see that people are looking for an
authentic connection with content.

No offence to the Spice Girls but if they all looked like supermodels would they have been so successful?  The answer is no. it has been tried many times.
If bands are too ‘beautiful’ they do not connect. It’s the same with video. Both B2B and B2C audiences responds to authenticity, originality, great writing, wit and warmth.
Ask any millennial and they will tell you they watch YouTube style content because it feels ‘real’. They just don’t respond to overly polished ‘old fashioned’ style advertising.

The Sprat Creative Collective – Crowdsourcing Creativity

Our secret weapon is our ever growing Sprat Creative Collective. SCC is a community of creatives we call upon on a job by job basis. This could be anything from facilitated Webex or face to face brainstorming sessions, client attended meeting to ‘creative walks in the country’.
SCC members are from all backgrounds and industries and the only thing they have in common is that they all have a passion for coming up with great ideas.

The SCC removes the burnout and pressure most creatives feel coming up with new ideas every day, especially when working on multiple briefs at a time. 

Instead we make these brainstorming sessions fun and engaging and hand pick the perfect team to work on your idea.

The SCC is not just for video marketing ideas. We can come up with ideas or solutions for just about anything. We know how easy it is to be too close to a problem to find a solution and sometimes we all need some outside help. 

Feel free to get in touch for more information.