Case Study

Brand overview

Avid is an international technology company specialising in video and audio tools for the professional market. Founded in 1987, the company currently has around 2,700 employees worldwide.

The brief

To create UK based customer testimonial videos from various industry sectors  including Broadcast, Post Production and music.

How we did it

We interviewed many well known musicians and filmed at many of Avid’s high profile broadcast clients including Viacom, Envy and Dock 10.

The underlined message in all the videos was that Avid’s clients are smart and do smart things and also make smart choices. One of which was choosing Avid products.

Our deep understanding of the broadcast, post production and music sectors helped us gain access to some quality interviewees and gave them the confidence that they were in safe hands. We also have a good understanding of many Avid products and solutions and were able to ensure the videos were accurate and on message.

As well as testimonial videos we have also made internal communication videos, product training videos and have covered many events for Avid.

Avid Gorilla Customer Story

24th July 2020

Avid Editfest ‘Nathan Nugent’

18th January 2018

Avid Editfest ‘Axel Geddes’

18th December 2018

Avid Editfest ‘Eddie Hamilton’

18th December 2018

Avid Editfest ‘Martin Walsh’

18th December 2018

Avid Editfest ‘Charlene Short’

18th December 2018

Avid TV3

13th October 2015

Avid M6

13th October 2015

Avid Editfest ‘Sarah Reimers’

18th December 2018

Avid Editfest ‘Eve Doherty’

18th December 2018

Avid – Rick Smith from Underworld

8th October 2015

Viacom International Upgrades to Avid

7th October 2015