Case Study

For the last few years, Sprat has been retained by Cisco. We are very proud of that association.
We provide support to Cisco in multiple ways including Customer advocacy hub management, written content, customer story videos, event videos, personalised videos, software solutions and customer advocacy.

The Cisco Gateway

The Cisco Gateway is Cisco’s customer advocacy hub.

The Cisco Gateway is an online community that allows customers to collaborate with Cisco in a variety of ways, that support the development of their personal brands and turn passive customers into vocal advocates.
Cisco’s advocates appear in customer story videos, speak at events, provide references, referrals and contribute to written case studies. The Gateway is a win-win for Cisco, and its customers.

After helping Cisco set up the Gateway, Sprat continues to work with Cisco to help with strategy, as well producing engaging campaigns and providing video and written content both inside and outside of the Gateway.

The overall goals of The Gateway advocacy program were:

– Create a unified experience for customers by centralising engagement programs and advocacy requests
– Build deeper relationships with customers and recognise them for their advocacy
– Grow Cisco’s pool of advocates
– Accelerate Cisco’s revenue through referrals and references
– Save time and resources by getting Cisco customers to create content
– Increase reach through advocate social shares
– Receive more high-quality product feedback from users
– Boost NPS

Six months after the programme launched, 733 advocates provided.

– 823 social shares, which generated 10,237 clicks on Cisco content
– 284 testimonials generated
– 152 potential new case studies identified
– 105 advocates who raised their hands to write blogs for Cisco
– 6.3% conversion rate on one advocate blog
– 114 reviews on sites such as G2 Crowd and TrustRadius (an 18% growth in online reviews in just two weeks)
– 84 referrals
– 105 event signups
– 73 NPS among advocates (Cisco’s general customer base’s NPS is 38)

Customer Story Videos

Sprat works with many marketing departments within Cisco to produce customer story videos. We provide an end to end service from the initial customer call to storyboard and final video production.

Cisco T Systems Customer Story

15th October 2020

Ellen McArthur Cisco Customer Story

31st July 2020

Cisco Telefonica 2020

24th July 2020

Boliden/Sandvik Customer Story Video

31st December 2019

Cisco 10x Banking

10th August 2018

Cisco Newcastle Smart Street

24th May 2019

Cisco – Francis Crick Institute

14th October 2015

Cisco IGA Amp Everywhere

4th March 2019

Cisco Telefonica

29th November 2018

Cisco ALA

29th November 2018

Cisco Del Brenta

29th November 2018

Cisco Live Gateway Highlights 2019

11th March 2019

Cisco Tribes

29th November 2018

Cisco Riedel

21st March 2019

Interview with Steffen Lang – Zeiss

14th May 2019

Interview with Kent Heidi – Tromsø Kommune

14th May 2019

Interview with James Battin – Dyson

14th May 2019

Cisco Webex at UC Expo

14th May 2019

Cisco Live National Trust Seminar

14th May 2019

Cisco Live Digitising Shopping Centres Panel

14th May 2019

Cisco Live Advocacy Panel

14th May 2019

Cisco Gateway Q&A with Bobby Guhasarkar

8th March 2019

Cisco Live IoT Panel

8th March 2019

Cisco – The Gateway

12th October 2015

Cisco DNA Center Assurance

8th March 2019

Cisco Live Jens Ujle

8th March 2019

Cisco Live Martin Kafoed

8th March 2019

Cisco Live Gateway Highlights

8th March 2019

Cisco Live John Lewis

8th March 2019

A Day in the Life

Cisco nurtures a close relationship with their advocates. To get to know them better an advocate can star in their very own video which talks about their love for technology, their work life and even an insight into their personal life! Sprat travel to them to film over the course of a day where Valerio who is the Customer Marketing Executive at Cisco chats to the advocate and engages in some fun activities which they have an interest in, and great conversation!

Personalised Video

Sprat produced a personalised invitation video starring Richard Ayoade, star of the British sitcom, IT Crowd and Gadget man. Richard is an actor that resonates with the Cisco customer base.

We emailed the video to Cisco customers, and the email was a big hit.

“I absolutely loved the personalised email. I’m a huge Richard Ayoade fan, and it was so nice to get this kind of email from Cisco. It made me feel special.”

“This is the first time I’ve received an invite like this, and it was surprising to receive it from Cisco! Very cool!”

The video campaign had a 16% overall conversion rate, and a 60% conversion rate for those who viewed the video. These rates are unheard of at Cisco.


Cisco has been working with Sprat for the last 2 years to pioneer our first ever European customer advocacy program. As Influitive experts, Sprat have been a strategic partner in helping us discover, nurture and mobilise Cisco customers as an extension of our brand.
Sprat has worked tirelessly with us to grow our community to over 2,300 customer advocates who now willingly act as a true voice of our brand.
As a marketer who has worked in the tech world for over 17 years, I’ve worked with many agencies and partners in my time. When you find a partner like Sprat, who are exceptionally creative, passionate and innovative – it becomes a lifelong partnership, no matter where your career takes you. I feel privileged to work with this wonderful team and look forward to many more exciting projects together!

Cristina Melluzzi
Head of Customer Advocacy EMEAR at Cisco


We work with Sprat on our advocacy hub, customer story videos and other video content.
Their creativity has been invaluable to us and they are a pleasure to work with.

Valerio Battelli
Customer Marketing Executive EMEAR at Cisco